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Dental Insurance and Finances

We Offer Direct
Direct Insurance Billing!

At Toothville Family Dentistry, we understand that dental insurance and finances can be confusing. We want to make every part of your experience as pleasant as possible. That’s why we provide direct billing service, so our patients don’t have to deal with the hassle of filing insurance claims. We will collect, directly from your insurance company, the portion of your treatment that is covered by your private insurance plan. As every insurance plan has differing levels of coverage, we may not be able to verify precise coverage levels for different services. Though we will endeavor to provide an estimate of your insurance coverage, knowing your plan’s coverage is ultimately your responsibility.

We Follow The
Latest Dental Fee Guide

At Toothville Family Dentistry, we are pleased to follow the latest Alberta Dental Association and College of Dental Fee Guide. This means that you can rest assured that your bill for services matches the fee guide, which provides you with more predictability.

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