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If an accident or poor oral health or disease has left you with only a few healthy teeth, or even none at all, dentures might be the solution. They are one of the most straightforward ways to replace your missing teeth. Toothville Family Dentistry is pleased to offer the option of full and partial dentures!

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What is a

A denture is a custom-made removable prosthetic that can replace all or several teeth at one time. A denture does not replace the root but can be very good at restoring aesthetics. They consist of a base with acrylic teeth set into it. The denture is supported by the gums. This replacement for your teeth is made to closely resemble your teeth, and offer you the function of natural teeth, while also enhancing your smile.

Today’s dentures are both comfortable and aesthetically enhancing. Most people can learn to eat and function well with dentures. Depending on the type of denture therapy needed, your treatment may also require teeth extractions or surgery. We can provide you with a customized care plan that outlines each step of the process.

Dentures: Stability That You Deserve!

Like teeth, they should be brushed daily to remove plaque and bacteria. Removing them each night will ensure better oral health and stronger bone support. A properly fitted denture should stay in place using nothing other than a natural seal with your gums.

Implant-supported dentures can also offer a permanent alternative to conventional dentures.

Dentures: Stability That You Deserve!

Reasons for Dentures:

  • Loss of all or several teeth
  • Enhancing smile and facial tissues, such as lip volume
  • Improving chewing, speech, and digestion

Visit Toothville Family Dentistry regularly to ensure a better fitting denture and great oral health. If you think you might be a good candidate for dentures, call Toothville Family Dentistry today to discuss.

Comfortable and natural; no one will ever know that your teeth aren’t real!

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