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Dental Bonding

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If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, or a gap you’ve always wanted to get rid of, dental bonding might be the answer. Toothville Family Dentistry is pleased to offer this simple procedure to create the look you’ve been dreaming of!

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What is
Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is an easy and conservative way to correct minor errors in your teeth’s shape and size. A tooth coloured resin is applied, shaped to match your existing teeth and the specifications of what you’d like, and then hardened with a special light.

How is Tooth Bonding Material Applied?

Dr. El Gamal will first isolate the tooth (teeth) that need to be bonded. He will then use a gentle phosphoric acid compound which is applied to the tooth for 15 seconds. This readies the tooth for the bonding process. The phosphoric acid will not cause any discomfort and is a necessary step to ensure that the tooth bonding resin material will adhere properly to your tooth surface.

The next step in your procedure is the application of the liquid bonding resin. Liquid bonding resin is a putty-like compound, that is specifically matched to your own natural tooth colour. Dr. El Gamal will then apply this in layers to the tooth surface. He will then shape it properly and match it to your other teeth. He then ‘cures’ the resin with a special blue light. He will continue to repeat this process as the resin is applied in several layers. He will then sculpt the resin until the tooth is in the right shape and thickness.

The final step in the process involves buffing, smoothing, and polishing the bonded tooth until it looks natural and blends correctly with your nearby teeth.


Is Tooth
Bonding Permanent?

With proper oral care, tooth bonding can generally last anywhere from seven to 10 years typically. You will require proper daily dental hygiene techniques and regular dental checkups. Your bonded teeth will need to be checked periodically to assess any wear or aging. Please keep in mind that bonded teeth may also tend to stain more easier.

Toothville Family Dentistry can discuss with you whether you’re a good candidate for Dental Bonding or any other options that might work for you.

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